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Cycle Set-UP

Why bike fit?

  • No matter what level of rider you are, correct bike fit will result in optimising, comfort, efficiency and power. Road riders tend to spend considerable amounts of time on their bikes and often for protracted periods without changing position, depending on terrain.

Is your bike correctly set up for you?

  • An ill fitting bike will result in your body forcing itself to adapt to a less than optimal position, resulting in inefficiency, discomfort and potential injury. If we feel your bike is not appropriate for you, we will advise on what to look for your next bicycle.

Are you suffering from any bike related injuries?

  • Cycling is an excellent form of exercise but injuries can arise from the repetitive pedaling motion, changes in training or strain on the back from sustained poor posture. Bike related injuries include numb hands, back, neck, hip or knee pain

What does bike fit entail?

Step one is a thorough assessment including:

  • Discussion of your cycling and injury history, short and long term cycling goals.
  • Overall body assessment, measuring flexibility, stability and symmetry.
  • Recording of your current bike set up
  • Pedaling technique is assessed

Step two involves modification of your set up

  • Saddle height, cleat position, reach and drop are adjusted as required
  • Position and pedaling technique is re-assessed following adjustment
  • Further fine tuning based on the riders’ response to the change in set up.
  • Recording of your adjusted bike set up.

Following your bike fit you will be in a position to start building up your cycling in your new position, taking into account the fact that your body will need to adapt to the change in set up. In addition further stretching, strengthening or mobilising off the bike may be prescribed.

Step three – Follow up

We recommend follow up at 12 weeks to record:

  • Adaptation to revised position
  • Changes in goals, performance, recovery from injury
  • Physical screening to measure outcome of training programme
  • Further adjustment of fit as indicated

The follow up will allow us to evaluate the impact of the training program and bike fit. Improvements in flexibility and stability on and off the bike may allow progression to a more advanced cycling position.

The first session, including steps one and two, is a 90 minute session. The cost is $210 and can be claimed from your health fund as physiotherapy services.

The follow up is a 45 minute session at a cost of $90 and again can be claimed from your health fund as physiotherapy services.

Cycle set-up

Cycle set-up

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