Plantar Fasciitis is a type of heel pain that can occur with an impact injury or build up over time. The plantar fascia is long ligament or arch under the foot. This pain can happen to anyone and commonly affects runners.


Why do I have it?

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When the plantar fascia’s ability to tolerate impact activities has been exceeded it can cause a painful response. As a result this causes an overload to the plantar fascia which can be caused by a number of factors including:

  • Change in footwear
  • Increased weight
  • More hills
  • Increased distance


How long will it last for?

Plantar fascia pain can last from weeks to up to 12  months and depends on many factors including whether you have an acute or ongoing injury.

To shorten the time frame initially reduce the load of your plantar fascia if you are in lots of pain. This means taping, using orthotics or in some cases using crutches. This will help calm your heel pain down in the short term.

Once your foot is calm and less painful, it is time to strengthen your plantar-fascia to tolerate your desired activity. Here, easing back into your activity is recommended. This means only doing 25%, 50% or 75% of what you normally do. How much you do will depend from case to case.


How do I get it better in the long term?

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Specific strengthening exercises and a graded exercise program for your desired sport! Good quality strength means building up the body’s ability to tolerate the impact of a desired activity or goal. A graded exercise program means gradually increasing the time and distance with the sport you choose to enjoy.


What do I do next?

  1. See a good physio & get started on a strength program.
  2. Be diligent with your program.
  3. Learn about load management and how this will affect your trraining.
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By Patrick Mcfadyen

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