SO you have suffered a knee injury, in particular the ACL and are thinking about getting ACL surgery?

Arsenal player suffers a knee injury – ACL

After a knee injury (ACL) when are you ready for surgery?

To be ready for surgery you must reach a certain level of strength. This is achieved with an ACL Prehab program.

It is very important to complete the program and ensure the knee has settled down before having the surgery.

Research has shown that people who perform a prehab program will show optimal outcomes to those who don’t. A prehab program focuses on getting the muscles of the knee really strong so that after your operation they will rehab much better.

Exercises typically fall into 3 parts. Firstly icing to reduces swelling. Secondly range of motion exercises to get rid of stiffness. Thirdly strengthening exercises in the gym and some progressive jumping / hopping activities. We avoid pivot and shift like exercises prior to surgery but should be able to resume running and jogging without an ACL.

We use gold standard tests in our clinic and work with specialist surgeons to ensure you are ready for your surgery. You must be completing a gym programa nd have strength at least 90% of your uninjured side prior to having an ACL reconstruction.

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