A high ankle sprain composes an injury to the ligaments above the ankle. These ligaments connect your tibia (shin bone) to your fibula (outside shin bone). The main ligament that connects these two bones is called the Syndesmosis ligament

If you have a high ankle sprain, recovery will take a while longer than a normal ankle sprain and be more disabling. It is essential to be diagnosed and managed well in the early stages so that you can return to your desired activity quicker.


A Syndesmosis injury most commonly occurs when your foot is planted on the ground and then an external twisting of your foot occurs.


High ankle ligaments can also sprain when your foot goes into severe dorsiflexion.


Symptoms will vary pending the degree of injury: Mild, Moderate, Severe

  • You have  a history of traumatic injury to the ankle
  • There is increasing pain as you turn your foot outwards
  • Pain with walking and some bruising / swelling above the ankle
  • You are unable to do a single leg calf raise


Your physiotherapist will assess your ankle ligaments integrity. If a high ankle sprain is suspected a weight bearing XRAY & MRI can confirm diagnosis

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