Braces, Slings & Mobility Aids

Sydney Physiotherapy stock a large number of braces and other joint supports. We have braces for acute injuries, post operation and returning to sport.

Some of these include:

Knee Support

  • pre & post operative range of movement
  • Zimmer splints
  • MCL support
  • ACL return to sport braces
  • patellofemoral support
  • osteoarthritis (OA) support


Don-Joy Knee ROM Brace


Ankle Support

  • Moon boots
  • Ankle ligament support
  • Sports ankle braces
Andy Murray playing with the ankle brace sold at Sydney Physio

Wrist Support

  • Short arm fracture brace
  • Long arm fracture brace
  • De Quervain’s brace

Shoulder support

  • Shoulder slings


  • We utilize rigid sports taping and kinesiotaping for returning to support with a lesser chance of re-injury
    • Can be applied to the ankle, knee, thumb, wrist, shoulder and elbow
Ankle taping for returning to sport

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